Backstreet Boys on body image

During a 1997 interview in Sweden, they discussed body image  As this was a profound and personal subject, it was a surprising topic. It's hard to imagine they did not feel pressure both before and after becoming famous, especially in the physically defined world of boy bands.  It also made them instantly more relatable to the fans who might have been going through the same thing.  Even then, I don't recall making a big deal about their looks.   I was surprised to hear AJ mention his nose because I assumed that being thin would affect him more.   Knowing now how insecure he really was, he might have only felt comfortable saying his nose.   At that time, neither Nick nor Howie looked fat.

I can relate to Brian's height-related insecurity because the world is not made for short people. It frustrates me because I can't find clothes that fit right.  I have to ask someone to take things down for me when I can't reach them. People have always commented about my small hands and feet. It bothered me a little bit, then I realized they probably never saw some with small hands and feet. The only advantage is that people thought I was younger. While I can always make myself look taller with heels, men do not have that option. He also mentioned his hands, but  I doubt most people paid attention to them.  I am sure Nick's growth spurt surprised Brian because Nick was the shortest one when the group started. 

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This incident is not like the others

I am not instantly vilifying neither DaShaun  Wright nor Kim Potter because they both made mistakes.

Potter thought he was going to hurt her, so she shot him.  She was scared and her sorrowful reaction after shot him showed it.  Self-defense claims are difficult to prove when the intentions of the disputing party cannot be reliably determined. Preventing escape with deadly force should be rethought in general because it typically leads to this result. It probably wouldn't have received as much attention if it had been white-on-white, but it does happen. 

It is also not random profiling.  The warrant was valid,  so Potter had every right to stop him. However, the prosecution cannot prove profiling or mistaken identity unless it can prove Potter stopped the wrong person or that the warrant was fake. 

 When things like this happen, people go crazy without considering the circumstances. It is not productive to destroy people's livelihood, especially those of the very community they claim to be attempting to help. I don't care if most of the other protestors were peaceful as in the past, the squeaky wheel gets the grease.   If we continue the unwarranted persecution of whites, a hot or a cold race war will break out. People will withdraw or become violent. Stereotypes such as angry blacks may seem justified. 

My Misheard Backstreet Boys Lyrics

If you are a non-native English speaker questioning your listening ability after listening to some Backstreet Boys songs, don't worry. They have confused native speakers as well. Even the best singer sometimes doesn't enunciate certain parts.

We've  Got It Going  On

For me, We've Got It Going On is the gold mine of misheard lyrics.

What I thought it was: We've got it goin' on for you.

What it is: We've got it goin' on for years.

The phrase for years was quite an overstatement since they were only together two years when the song was released.  "For days"  would have sounded better. However, in retrospect, the line was oddly prophetic.

What I thought it was: Crazy wall of static 

What it is Crazy wildin' static

My misheard version sounds a little more natural, but I still don't get it.  Because it is by an Afrobritish co-writer, I do not understand it. 

What I thought it was: Rule this when I get wet.

What it is: I get ruthless when I get wet.

My misheard version fits the tone better. The second one sounds angrier. It must have been how Wicked Witch of the West must have felt when Dorothy dumped water on her.

Is it a coincidence that Brian sings the following lines? Perhaps he didn't always sing clearly,

What I thought it was: And if by chance we should find/That it can't be for you and me Then girl, I've tried. 

What it is: And if by chance we should find/That it can be for you and I Then girl, I'll try.

Both make sense in context, but I never knew which one Brian was singing.

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LiveJournal anniversary retrospect

Domain was registered on April 15, 1999. The same year, the cult movie "The Matrix" was released and the 6 billionth inhabitant of the Earth was born in the city of Sarajevo.   The Backstreet  Boys were three days into the release of their biggest song  I Want It  That Way.  

My overall  Live Journal experience has been positive  I never knew it was Russian until recently. It is probably the best thing to come out of Russia since vodka.  There seems to be no political interference on the non-Cyrillic side. As their user base is global, I couldn't understand why they would only have a single currency store.  

Why I started this journal here.

 started this to write more, but  I forgot what brought me to Live Journal. 

 After I rekindled my love of the Backstreet Boys, it inspired me to write regularly in late 2020. This blog is now multi-purpose as I write about all of my interests. 

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Reflections on the current state of discourse

Arguments are dominated by emotion, in particular anger.  Tolerance is rooted in conformity rather than respect. Whenever there is disagreement, it is automatically seen as hateful, especially when it involves sexuality.  They invalidate the opposing views and experiences of Minorities who do not follow their beliefs.

The Race issue is another example of this. Both sides need to acknowledge the emotional element of the race issue.  In an attempt to combat racism, people repeat the same generalizations against whites on Tik-Tok. For example, every white is a racist.   As I state in this video, this made me angry and confused. It made the whole voluntary separation look more attractive to me. 

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Who Should Be On The Masked Singer Next?

With this picture of him as the Russian doll character from Season 5, Nick Carter joked that the Crocodile was back. It made me think of which members I'd like to see next on the show. My picks would definitely Brian and/or AJ. Should they keep the wildcard format they introduced, one of them may be the main competitor and the other as a potential wildcard spoiler. Both could use their sense of humor to their advantage to get non-fans on their sides.  Like with Nick, it would be a chance to promote themselves free from preconceptions and biases. 

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A real shitty Spanish lesson

Warning: This post contains strong language reader discretion is advised. 

The verb is cagar.  Cargar should not be confused with the similar-sounding word cargar. The word may sound like cagar if you mispronounce it, and you may receive strange looks.  "Cagar" means to screw things up in colloquial terms. A  milder form of the word in this context is meter la pata. 

Spaniards, for some reason, like to shit on everything figuratively speaking in anger.  Two particularly stand out to me.  The first one is Me cago en la leche ( I shit on the milk).   That made me laugh since the inventor of it must despise milk for some reason. To me, the most shocking one is Me cago en Dios (!) I shit on God. There are quite a few godless people out there who'd love to do that. It might have originated out of hatred for the Catholic church. The euphemism Me cago en diez is funny in both senses.  It's kind of crazy that they went from slandering God to insulting a number that represents perfection.

Mierda is the noun in all cases.   Except when used to describe low quality, it is not a metaphorical word, like its English counterpart. If you're mad at the lemon you bought, you could sayCompré un carro/coche de mierda.   I bought a piece of shit/shitty car. 

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Busting Arizona myths and a funny video

TikTok by @talldorkandhandsome

The heat is dry but intense. Although the humidity is low, we still have to be careful in it. I walked and felt dehydrated. The only way to deal with it is to adapt to it, not create resistance against it. For example, I go swimming at night.   Once, the sun was so intense that it burned my eyelids. 

Phoenix metro is in the wettest desert on earth, the Sonoran Desert.  It is one of three American deserts, along with the Mojave desert in California and the Chihuahua desert in Texas.    Don't be scared if you hear the term monsoon. Here, it's not as bad as India's. Lack of drainage causes flooding. The term haboob is an Arabic expression used to refer to dust storms. It became popular in 2006 for some reason.   Any dust storm of any intensity is dangerous since it reduces visibility. 

Although most people think of the desert heat when they think of Arizona, there is much more in terms of climate Northern Arizona is greener and more temperate than the rest of the state.  Flagstaff, which is home to Northern Arizona University, one of the three state colleges is in northern Arizona. Prescott, an old territorial capital, is also in the north.