Margaret Nahmias (magaretnahmias) wrote,
Margaret Nahmias

Online Friendships

I have been thinking a lot about the effects of  Social Media on socialization. A lof the assertions have been negative, that people are in fact more lonely and online friendships are as not deep.
People who say that don't take into account personalities differences. Some people may not feel lonely because they are more introverted and get more energy. They also don't take into account the mode by which people interact online.  A chat is going to be more interactive than a just looking at profile pages. Personally, I go out and meet people face to face, therefore I have been able to balance online and real life communications.  This may be more of a concern for people who problems that tend to make them withdraw such as anxiety, although it could be a good start to help the overcome the problem. However, if it is one is not careful it could become a  crutch.  To me online communication is faster version of when people used to exchange letters. In fact I invented a term e-pal. I don't necessarily consider them on the same level as a real life frienships especially with the  danger online. However in real life  we also have the same level of friendship. Given the right usage, I don't see  online friendship necessarily as bad.
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