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Comparing Spanish and Portuguese Part 1 Spelling

Spelling  The main differences in spelling are as follows.
Verb that look similar but have a different ending in the infintive
Spanish                                                  Portuguese
Compartir                                              compartilhar  (to share)
recibir                                                     receber          (to receive)
vivir                                                          viver             (to live)
volver                                                      voltar     (to return, to come back)

Words that retain the original F from latin where they have become a slient h in Spanish

Spanish                                                  Portuguese
hacer                                                        fazer (to make, to do)
hablar                                                       falar(to speak to talk )
huir                                                           fugir (to flee)
horno                                                       forno (oven)
hierro                                                       ferro (iron)
Another notable spelling is that is some verb with the ll of Spanish becomes a soft ch as in Cheryl in Portuguese  the follwing
Spanish                                                  Portuguese
llorar                                                        chorar (to cry)
llegar                                                        chegar(to arrive)
llamar                                                       chamar(to call)
llover                                                         chover (to rain

Word ending in  cion sion in Spanish usually have equivalent of ç
expresión expressão (expression)
acción ação (action)
nación nação(nation
salvación salvação(salvation)
 depresión depressão(depresion

Plurals are more complicated in Portuguese Words ending vowels take the s like in Spanish but there are more rules for other types of plurals
word ending z r s just take es (Unlike Spanish the words ending in z  do change to c before taking the plural ending)
 luz (light) luzes(lights)
vez (times) vezes
meses  meses
cobertor cobertores
words ending in ol  ul  il  al change is in the plural
Animal(animal)  anmais
espanhol (Spanish, Spainairds) espanhois
azul (blue) azuis

Word that are accented with those ending receive an e before adding is
fácil  facéis
difcil dificéis
anél  aneis

The plural for words ending ião are little unpredictable because it doesn't follow any rules
cão (dog) cães(
mão (hand mãos
coracão(heart corações 
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