Busting Arizona myths and a funny video

TikTok by @talldorkandhandsome

The heat is dry but intense. Although the humidity is low, we still have to be careful in it. I walked and felt dehydrated. The only way to deal with it is to adapt to it, not create resistance against it. For example, I go swimming at night.   Once, the sun was so intense that it burned my eyelids. 

Phoenix metro is in the wettest desert on earth, the Sonoran Desert.  It is one of three American deserts, along with the Mojave desert in California and the Chihuahua desert in Texas.    Don't be scared if you hear the term monsoon. Here, it's not as bad as India's. Lack of drainage causes flooding. The term haboob is an Arabic expression used to refer to dust storms. It became popular in 2006 for some reason.   Any dust storm of any intensity is dangerous since it reduces visibility. 

Although most people think of the desert heat when they think of Arizona, there is much more in terms of climate Northern Arizona is greener and more temperate than the rest of the state.  Flagstaff, which is home to Northern Arizona University, one of the three state colleges is in northern Arizona. Prescott, an old territorial capital, is also in the north. 


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