Who Should Be On The Masked Singer Next?

With this picture of him as the Russian doll character from Season 5, Nick Carter joked that the Crocodile was back. It made me think of which members I'd like to see next on the show. My picks would definitely Brian and/or AJ. Should they keep the wildcard format they introduced, one of them may be the main competitor and the other as a potential wildcard spoiler. Both could use their sense of humor to their advantage to get non-fans on their sides.  Like with Nick, it would be a chance to promote themselves free from preconceptions and biases. 

 As one of the less visible members, Brian would have an element of surprise.   Being dressed in a costume could give him the anonymity he needs and allow him to be more silly than usual. I can imagine him having fun with the judges  Just as Danny Trejo and Logan Paul did, he would probably stump the judges completely. The Lion was my first thought for a character; however, it was already taken. My second choice leopard was too.  Keeping with the wildcat theme, I chose the caracal because their temperaments fit him. Being able to retain water like camels, caracals are more independent than other African wildcats.  He never had to compete with others for notoriety, preferring time with family over parties. His acrobatics on stage are well known.  However, it would be hard to demonstrate that in a traditional Masked Singer costume.  In honor of his role in the Everybody video, another option could be the wolf, but that might be too obvious.

It doesn't mean anything, but it would be a weird costume.  I could imagine him wearing up there with Paul Anka's broccoli. The social media writer could have fun with the puns.  For example, no fluff here. My second choice is a marionette in honor of his puppeteer days. With "No strings" references, the judges could be convinced that it is an NSYNC member  or  a reference from breaking free addictions and insecurity .


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