Reflections on the current state of discourse

Arguments are dominated by emotion, in particular anger.  Tolerance is rooted in conformity rather than respect. Whenever there is disagreement, it is automatically seen as hateful, especially when it involves sexuality.  They invalidate the opposing views and experiences of Minorities who do not follow their beliefs.

The Race issue is another example of this. Both sides need to acknowledge the emotional element of the race issue.  In an attempt to combat racism, people repeat the same generalizations against whites on Tik-Tok. For example, every white is a racist.   As I state in this video, this made me angry and confused. It made the whole voluntary separation look more attractive to me. 

Anger and bias against American conservatives are why they create their safe spaces and are attracted to alternative sites like Parler. Those who criticized Brian Littrell for joining ignored that fact.  The amount of trolling that resulted was insane.  For example, One person even wished him dead.  They took their anger out on the other members when others sent birthday wishes to him.  Angry fans never even considered that they might have been able to settle their differences and concerns privately like adults. When his cousin and bandmate Kevin Richardson posted about someone losing a friend to QAnon, it appeared to be an insult against Brian. I digress. You can read my prior opinions on this topic here.   It is not clear that every conservative even knows what QAnon is. My dad had never heard of it, even though he considered himself a conservative.

Especially on the internet, where the consequences are not direct, this is the state of our discourse right now. I call it the age of rage. As a result, it causes people, especially ideological minorities, to be constantly on the defensive.  Emotion has consistently been part of rhetoric, but it dominates unhealthily now.  Our approach to accountability has gone too far when it becomes rage. 


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