This incident is not like the others

I am not instantly vilifying neither DaShaun  Wright nor Kim Potter because they both made mistakes.

Potter thought he was going to hurt her, so she shot him.  She was scared and her sorrowful reaction after shot him showed it.  Self-defense claims are difficult to prove when the intentions of the disputing party cannot be reliably determined. Preventing escape with deadly force should be rethought in general because it typically leads to this result. It probably wouldn't have received as much attention if it had been white-on-white, but it does happen. 

It is also not random profiling.  The warrant was valid,  so Potter had every right to stop him. However, the prosecution cannot prove profiling or mistaken identity unless it can prove Potter stopped the wrong person or that the warrant was fake. 

 When things like this happen, people go crazy without considering the circumstances. It is not productive to destroy people's livelihood, especially those of the very community they claim to be attempting to help. I don't care if most of the other protestors were peaceful as in the past, the squeaky wheel gets the grease.   If we continue the unwarranted persecution of whites, a hot or a cold race war will break out. People will withdraw or become violent. Stereotypes such as angry blacks may seem justified. 


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