Backstreet Boys on body image

During a 1997 interview in Sweden, they discussed body image. As this was a profound and personal subject, it was a surprising topic. It's hard to imagine they did not feel pressure both before and after becoming famous, especially in the physically defined world of boy bands.  It also made them instantly more relatable to the fans who might have been going through the same thing.  Even then, I don't recall making a big deal about their looks.   I was surprised to hear AJ mention his nose because I assumed that being thin would affect him more.   Knowing now how insecure he really was, he might have only felt comfortable saying his nose.   At that time, neither Nick nor Howie looked fat.

I can relate to Brian's height-related insecurity because the world is not made for short people. It frustrates me because I can't find clothes that fit right.  I have to ask someone to take things down for me when I can't reach them. Also, people have always commented about my small hands and feet. It bothered me a little bit, then realized they probably never saw some with small hands and feet. The only advantage is that people thought I was younger. While I can always make myself look taller with heels, men do not have that option. He also mentioned his hands, but  I doubt most people paid attention to them.  I am sure Nick's growth spurt surprised Brian because Nick was the shortest one when the group started. 

AJ is correct that the body image of men is less influenced than women. This could be a result of social expectations. However, as mentioned, there is pressure for men to be muscular. In addition, some care a lot about grooming, which led to the rise of the term metrosexual. They should update this interview because I am sure looks play a role in some of the implicit ageism I have seen, as if fans only liked them for their appearance. 


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