From Backstreet Boys To Main St. Men

Stop trying to be heard by those committed to misunderstanding you

 Every time I read articles that portray the Backstreet Boys and the original fans as hangers-on trying to relieve their youth  I remember this statement. They have spent years trying to prove they weren't just a boy band, but the stigma persists in certain circles. People remember what they were and don't see what they have become.  I understand why some feel this way because looks were an important part when they started especially as the type of group they were. Some people who weren't even alive then tend to pine for that young past  However, it reinforces the idea that looks are automatically dependant on age. because one Twitter contact said people overseas think they aged well   Nevermind the fact they have had the longevity that they said they wanted in the beginning and some predicted they would have. They also have the distinction of recording and performing continuously since their debut in the 90s They had a core group of fans that still wanted to see them even when they were far from their peak. 

 If  Nick did not court a new stable of writers and producers, they may have permanently died out with the whole early 90s boy band craze.  This especially true after the record label's heart wasn't in them. Even personally they have grown as the original fans have grown too. They are now proud husbands and family men. For example, Nick Facebook has become a family album and most of us can relate to that They survived as a quartet those six years that Kevin was gone. When Geri Halliwell left the Spice Girls that was pretty much the end of the group although they tried doing an album as a  quartet.  If the Backstreet Boys did not hang on during the lean times, I doubt they would have experienced this time of plenty again nor it would have been as sweet.  

They are the only group of their type that has become a truly global phenomenon. There were parts of the world where the Backstreet Boys were unknown.  In contrast, their  European rival was only regionally popular.  Few of them even attempted to enter the more demanding US market. Boyzone did but ultimately failed,  so did Five but they only had one hit song. 

 Some now consider them nostalgia acts   I think that is only partly true. Yes, some of the original fans from the 90s might have come back because of nostalgia. However, to me, nostalgia benefits from only benefits from the past. In contrast, the guys have been doing new things and moving forward  They also have new fans some weren't even born when they started. An act that relies purely on first-hand memories could not attract younger fans. They have gotten older and aged It hard to believe that most of them will be turning 50 this decade ( I almost forgot about AJ in 2028) They may not tour and dance as intensely they used to However as long as we love them and they are willing and able they will be coming back. We can worry that they have not received recognition from others they are not playing for them. As long we fans understand what they are that is all that matters.

Happy Anniversary  Guys!!!


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