June 24th, 2021

Cat-tent Spotlight #17 Cat-Dog relationship.

 I am sharing another  amethyst_witch  post of the interaction with her cat Titus and dog Sooki. The image o a cat overwhelmed by a dog is familiar. s Temperament differences play a role in who usually dominates. Dogs have a pack mentality based on submission and dominance. A dog will submit t to an alpha whether it is another dog or not. This is why Ceasar Milian talks about being a pack leader with your dog.  A dog might bow to a cat's perceived alpha dominance since cats are usually are more independent and assertive.   

On the other hand,  a dog can be loud and abrasive compared to a cat.  This can overwhelm a  sensitive cat who just wants peace and time alone. Dogs approach cats as other dogs, which is they sniff their butts to greet them. While this is common among dogs,  it is utterly off-putting to a cat because cats welcome each other nose-to-nose, and they are clean.  Until a dog gets used to feline quirks, it may have trouble getting along with the cat. .   The cat-dog relationship might be friendly, but it is sometimes unequal in either direction.  Dog