September 4th, 2021

Who's the boss?

Brent Hatchett, the young adult pastor at  Cornerstone Church in  Chandler, AZ, came to share how to counter another play in the Devil's  Playbook.  The main idea was that if you cannot respect the God-instituted human authority in your life, you will have a hard time with God's authority.   I can see this is true because people will often bring the same attitude and fears they have with others into their relationship with  God.  This standard transfer is seeing  God how our parents treated us because of God's paternal image. God's authority is meant to protect us. When we begin to see it as limiting, Satan takes advantage of that discontent. This frustrates us, especially when the ungodly person seems to get ahead and we don't.

He starts with an exposition of Romans  13:1-6 then goes into the example of Saul.

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