Cat-tent spotlight.

Cats are internet stars even here on LJ. Every cat and dog relationship is unique. Even one is in control. Hint, it is usually the cat. It breaks animal relationship stereotypes. I am all for that, considering the spotted reputations cats have with some people.   The Spanish expression"llevarse como gatos y perros" (get along like cats and dogs) describes people who can't stand each other. It comes from the traditional canine-feline enmity. However, it should have a more positive connotation regarding the harmonious relationship that cats and dogs can have. Today's spotlight is LJ user amethyst_witch.'s cat and dog, which are frequent subjects in her journal.  The cat dominates, according to her, but they seem like buddies

 Let me know in the comments if you like me to add more cat-tent in my journal from LJ and elsewhere on the net. 


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