Cat-tent Spotlight #3 If they only knew...

If cats knew how they would have been treated millennia later, would have cats hooked up with humans earlier, or maybe not at all?   They were gods then and internet stars now.  It made the Middle Age vilification worth it. In the end, they proved their worth even then by killing off the rodents that carried the plague. Even if you don't understand cats, one might wiggle its way in your heart. They inspire passion in either direction. No other animals have been the subject of more stereotypes and misunderstandings than modern domestic cats. The domestication of cats teaches us to take advantage of any opportunity and that even animals like free or easy to get food.  It also teaches us the beauty of mutually beneficial relationships.  Cats got food, and the humans got rid of their rodents.  They also got free travel as ship mousers and spread all over the world. They give us comfort, and the purr, one of the most unique and mysterious animals, sounds out there. Wild cats never cease to amaze with their domestic cat-like behavior or, in the case of the caracal domestic cat-like sounds. 


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