Littrell Controversy Part 1 Leighanne's Posts

You know the old adage. Be careful what you  post on social media  because it will come back to haunt you.  That played out in a very public way  with Backstreet Boy member  Brian Littrell and his wife  Leighanne.  Fans discovered some of her hateful posts  and have called them out.  I saw some of them and I did not think they were all controversial .  However, I do realize that it has hurt some fans.  While much has been said about the posts  For that I refer to you  Taylor Anderson of the Backstreet Back podcast post  and the video version. I want to address the reaction because that what concerns me the most.  And as a Brian fan I wanted to weigh in 

A noble effort by some in the Backstreet blogosphere to call out bad behavior turned emotional with little effect on the target.  There was no acknowledgement or retraction by Leighanne.  It just angered  fans   She made her Twitter private but probably posts the same stuff. Her Facebook is still public for all to see.  Ultimately  it will be up to her to change her behavior.  No amount of social media cajoling will change that and usually the least effective.  External pressure does not work on someone who refuses to  acknowledge they're wrong.  For example  if you confront an addict it doesn't mean the addict will change .  A better strategy would have been reporting the problematic posts.  If  Facebook or Twitter acted on it would have affected her directly . If she lost the accounts  she would have lost the platform to spread this. 

An acknowledgement from  Brian would be ideal.  After all  they are a unit  and it hard to separate the two.   She is so involved in his career  that anything she does will  reflect on him  However let's be realistic it probably won't happen at least  right away especially if people keep responding with rage. I   If you choose to leave the fandom as a result or  not support Brian as a result that's your right.  

Regardless  I want to ask you two favors.  First  realize  that  he is in a rock and hard place. It hard to admit your own flaws  and the flaws in those we like.  The cognitive dissonance is hard to get over . Second.  In the absence of an acknowledgement for either let go of any bitterness  and hate you may feel for your own sanity   Notice I did not say forgive, it is misunderstood  I am not  telling you to rationalize  it but to bring the emotional temperature a little bit.  Disconnect  if necessary.  Then you will be able approach it better. If you are one of the people wishing them harm or wanting Brian to publicly humiliate her check  your heart. Do you want change or revenge.   As cliché as it sounds hate is not fought with more hate. You are only drinking poison expecting the other person to die.


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