Cat-tent Spotlight #5 Life Lessons for Humans from Cats

[I took this from the cat page from the former, which is now known as ]I took this from the cat page on the former, which is now known as 

Actually, cat-napping itself is a good lesson. "Get plenty of rest, and you will be ready for anything," I say. Ever watch a cat wash himself? "Personal hygiene is essential." Where would the world be without healthy curiosity? Who would discover the next great invention without curiosity? "Learn to be curious, and you will expand your horizons." Patience. Ever watch a cat watching something? "Patience and self-control will enlighten your life." If a cat wants something, he won't give up until he has it. "You have to overcome any obstacle to get where you want to be." Cats are the best at playing. All it takes is a little piece of string.  "Playing and having fun add spice to life." Finally, and most importantly, a cat is, above all, a little ball of love. "Love is the most important lesson of all."


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