Take Care- Backstreet Boys song profile

While  Rose, author of the Dark Side of Backstreet blog, sang the praises of Light On. , I wanted to focus on different In A World Like This bonus track, Take  Care.   I wanted to include it in an inspirational song post, but I had a lot to say about it. 

Thematically, I thought this was a cross of You Can Let  Go from Unbreakable and the IAWLT  main track Solider because it's expressing support and urging more vulnerability on the part of the subject.  However, unlike in  Solider, there are no mixed metaphors. I liked the sentiment in that song, but the soldier as a rescuer metaphor did not make any sense.

This song could be about friendship or a romantic relationship. However,  knowing the usual theme of the Backstreet Boys'  songs, I think it I  romantic.  Someone suggested it could have been a reaction to Brian hiding and finally revealing his vocal problems. I wouldn't rule that out that since he co-wrote it.  However,  I think it might have been a  little bit more personal if it was.  Also, if it was, it might be the reason he is conspicuously absent on this song. Although the voices blend so well, it is hard to tell if he is even doing background.  It might have been too hard for him to sing vocally and/or emotionally since his voice problems were such a sensitive topic for him to begin with. Even, so it was nice to hear Howie get a  prominent part after Kevin's return. Howie's backing vocals are clear and strong. Kevin sings my favorite line that confirms the song's theme of partnering through difficulty.  It speaks to me as someone who tends to isolate. It reminds me that vulnerability is risky, but it worth it in the end.  

So you run, there's no need to run/ Stand up face to face/The stakes are high but we'll reach higher

The soaring one-line chorus  and its vocal arrangement  just add to it (I can't transcribe it. You have to hear it)

Instrumentally, it reminds me of a battle song. I can easily imagine a  fictional or real battle-themed video o for this song with the heroes on horseback.  A similarly themed performance with them dressed as Roman gladiators would be epic. If they wanted to go all out with  that, they could do  a dance "fight."

When I heard this, I  first thought this a big fu to the fiercely independent.  Women, in particular, have been fed the whole men are jerks narrative for so long that having a man do anything for her is suspect.   This is a song of solidarity, not domination.  Chivalry is not a loss of independence.  Besides, The guy sings about it so nicely. 


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