Littrell Controversy part 2 Concerts amid COVID.

Adding the controversy  was  what  many considered  the Litrells' blatant disregard for COVID-19 especially with the holiday concert  on Dec 12, 2020. I support the decision to do it based on what I have read and  heard  so far about how the virus spread  with some caveats  To be clear  I  am not advocating for wanton recklessness. I still wear masks when required  and I chose to go somewhere with restrictions I'd follow them.  Most of time I am alone or with my parents so I don't have to worry  about crowding 

If you have followed the news about the virus, you  know it is always changing. First they said 15 consecutive minutes of close contact with an infected person now it is 15 minutes over 24 hours.  Close contact is more than six feet.    I read an interesting review  of literature by which I will post on the bottom.  The one thing that stood out to me was  that not all places  are equally risky.  It depends on different things such  as air circulation capacity ,  and whether people have to raise their voices increasing the spread of aerosols  and whether masks are worn. They mention that meat packing plants were the most affected  because they conditions were not met.  

Keep in mind  that is not taking place at a large arena, but a small theater.  As long  as distancing   and mask protocols are followed I have no problem with it.  However, I do have to two objections.  One, I would have prohibited any close contact during the meet and  greet.  Photos would be fine but no selfies.Second, I was wondering if the venue could have provided an alternate location.  One venue near where I live initially suspended all in person events but then moved them to their terrace and then outside a museum  still with low capacity and distancing  Of course I don't what the winters are like in Atlanta so it may be not possible.

From my experiences The virus has behaved in some unpredictable ways.  Keep in mind with a two week incubation period  a person  may not have not contracted it   where they first showed symptoms.  That 's what happened at my last job. In June 2020 a month after we officially opened again after limited operations  people reported they had  COVID-19  but it was concluded that they did not contract it in the facility . Of course  all the precautions were taken.  The facility was closed early for extra sanitization. There was contact tracing and everyone in close contacts were quarantined . However, we  stayed opened  and everyone was safe.  Even before this precautions  like mandatory masks in common areas and distancing  were in place .  Dividers were also put up at some desks. 

Another atypical example   was  my pastor.  Despite being high risk with asthma he did not fall gravely ill  and as far as I could tell he did not contract it at the church.  The unfourtnate effect of this was that attendance dropped at the service I attend despite it being a low capacity  mask required  service  However I understood that as they may have not known or wanted to play it safe.If it was proven that my pastor contracted  at the church I would have not gone back. H

 If  attending  this event made you uncomfortable that's fine Everyone has to make decisions for their well being .  However, in light or current science and how I seen the virus behave  I did not think it was completely imprudent  as long as the proper prcautions  were in place.

Two metres or one: what is the evidence for physical distancing in covid-19? | The BMJ


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