Happy Millennium Day

May 18, 2021, is 22 years to the day since the Backstreet Boys' game-changing album came out. . In the US, it was the high-stakes sophomore release. Even after 5 successful single from the US debut, people doubted their staying power. With Millennium they more than delivered. They cemented their success, especially in their home country. In addition, This was the first time that the two fan bases got a single album. They set a first-week sales record that was only beaten by rivals NSYNC a year later.  However, overall, Millennium outsold NYSNC's No Strings Attached.   The frenzy surrounding the MTV promotional appearance was unmatched by any other at the time. To this day, Brian still considers it their best album. For those who don't think pop music has staying power, look how I Want It  That  Way has lasted due to its simplicity.

My favorite song at the time was  The  One.   I was glad that Nick played that up to be the last single. The video is not my favorite, but I understand why they went the concert footage route. They were on tour and probably did not have the time to do an actual video. My mom liked The Perfect  Fan. It was a shame Nick was not on it.  They say he was sick when they recorded it.  However,  I wonder if he just did not want to record it because of his mom's stormy relationship with him.  In his position, it might have opened an old wound for me too.   Now that some time has passed, I like Don't  Wanna Lose Now more. It also must be many others' favorites, one of the most performed non-single songs.

 The Larger Than Life video was an example of the character-based videos that I liked. I  hope they do more like these in the future because they are more interesting than various field videos that would come later. In addition, it truly lived up to the song's name with a futuristic theme and big budget.

I recently discovered the bonus tracks.  I like both of them because both of the songs turn up the romance factor.   Brian sounds sweet and tender on I'll Be  There  For  You. I'd really like to hear him perform this one as part of a  Backstreet Boys or solo show. I got a big kick out of someone saying I thought it would be a   remake of the Friends theme. I was surprised no one mentioned the similarly titled Bon Jovi song. It shows how hard it is to think of entirely original song titles.   I always liked him and his voice, but I liked him even more after hearing this. This was the most representative of the types of the song he leads. 

I am glad  I listened to  You Wrote The Book On Love again after writing it off before. For some, it could be mushy. To me,  it is an incurable romantic's song, especially for someone falling in love the first time.  This sounds like the feeling of someone I know.  Like a volcano, I'm ready to blow was an unusual line because I never heard this metaphor used for sexual tension.  Even for me, the sexual tension was evident in that line. I like Nick's ad-libbed "Oh Brian, help me sing"hand-off. It seemed odd, but it was a probably subtle way to keep them both on cue. .  Someone remarked on Youtube they were Frick and Frick even when recording.  

As a Smooth  Jazz fan, I found  Mindi Abair's inclusion in the touring band significant. Although she was most known as a jazz saxophonist,  she has done other genres. The solo with Kevin right before the performance of Back To Your Heart during that tour was unforgettable.  She likes Kevin so much that she wants to collaborate with him.   However, at this point, group collaboration is more likely and would just ground-breaking than the Florida — Georgia collaboration. In addition, it would introduce them both to different audiences.   Even today, she was grateful for the opportunity because it got her one step closer to launching her career.  Hence, they should return the favor.


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