A Free Heart

I picked up the box that contained my heart.
It had a lock of fear and insecurity on it. A chain of sin was around it.
I opened the box, barely wanting to see.
I forgot what it looked like after all these years. There was Jesus.
“You can have it,” I said. “It is bruised, battered, and barely beating."
I watched as he wiped the wounds away.
I remembered the times I was unable to trust
I thought about when I was teased and when I felt bitter.
I thought about the times I felt so far from him.
“It is all better now, “Jesus said
It looked at it; it was like new
He healed my heart as he healed the leper.
“Put it back in the box and keep it for me.”
I held it close; it was shining.
It kept it on a shelf. I could keep it to myself
Inside the box, there was the message:
You may not be shielded from hardship, but I give you a new way through.


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