Cat-tent Spotlight #4 Cara-calling(updated with the video embedded

Is this even an animal sound?  Have someone listen to just the audio, and that person probably won't even guess it is an animal.  My dad was close because he thought it was a bird.  The comments on this particular video are just as entertaining as the video itself.  The common theme was this sounds like a machine. . Either that, or it sounded like it was possessed.   If it makes that sound when asking for food, I don't want to be around it when it is angry or scared. 

In terms of sounds and nomenclature, they are the closest to domestic cats.   Their young are also called kittens. In fact, they are so easy to domesticate they are kept as pets.   "Big  Floppa"  and other famous internet caracals are pets.  The most exciting fact is that they have a camel-like ability to retain water.  They also extract water from their prey.   This means they have to compete for less with the big cats.  Their range encompasses Africa and Asia. However, I have only known them as African cats. The name caracal is Turkish for the black ear.  The ears are probably their most stand-out feature. I always said they resembled the fictional Vulcan characters from Star Trek because of them. They are also called desert lynxes, although they bear no resemblance to the lynx.  They are also confused with fellow African cats, servals.  They are opportunistic hunters,  meaning they eat whatever is available.  This has put them in direct competition with African farmers who have killed them because they eat livestock. 

Caracal Screams for Food - YouTube


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