Cat-tent Spotlight # 8 Do you suffer from cat paralysis?

Cat paralysis can take two forms.  The most common is being unable to move when your cat is on you because either it won't let you or you are afraid to bother it.

Mentally, it's excessive worry over your cat when you are away because you are afraid of what it will do in your absence.   Yes, despite cats'  independent nature, they don't like being alone for a long time. They are creatures of routine. You are part of the routine, slave(oops, I mean owner). One of my cats, I forget which one, tipped over a garbage can on time when my parents and  I were gone for a long time.   A stranger feeding them is just not the same.   When we left my last   Sarge at our new house in Arizona while waiting to move in, he was scared because he thought we abandoned him.  That is why we made sure to visit him. 

An underlying condition is cat insomnia when you stay awake because your cat is making too much noise or has awakened you because it wants to eat. This may cause the second form of cat paralysis. 


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