Dad roles and Pigeonholes

Well,  at least for me this is true.
Well, at least for me this is true.

I hate ageism in all of its forms, especially against those who are older.    Western society, in particular, doesn't seem to value age as much or the experience that comes with it.  This is not only limited to entertainment.  Those over 40, in general, are seen as too close to retirement to really care.  I hate the assumption that older people cannot look good, especially if they take care of themselves.   Someone on Tiktokhad to clarify that he was not using a  filter to make himself look older.  He actually was and looked good.   

Although they have aged, Brian especially), they still look good.  This criticism also assumes the fans only cared about them for their looks, which is false  Middle age is older but not that old.  Give them about another ten to twenty years, then the majority of them will be old. However, that does not mean they are through even if they decide to retire from music.  I never heard people complaining about the Rolling Stones like this, although they have gathered moss.

Interestingly, someone told me that maybe this was an American thing\ because international fans don't really care.  That may be true because  American critics are always looking for a reason to discount them.  Of course, I should expect this with the Backstreet Boys because they started out as the teen idol image-driven group they used to be.   I agree with Brian's remark in the This Is Us promotional interview in Spain. People cannot let go of who they were before.  Yes, they are still silly at times, but they have gained personal and professional knowledge over time. Brian is already sharing that as his son Baylee starts on the same path.   They may not have changed their style radically like the Beatles, but they were one of the few teen idol acts who have managed to have a long career.   I consider it a Frank Sinatra-style transformation. If it was not for the boy band stigma, more people would have appreciated their longevity,y as I said before. 


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