What the heck Backstreet lyrics.

From the confusing to the downright questionable and cheesy, Backstreet  Boys songwriters has gifted us with some interesting lines. The amazing part is that the group chose to sing them. Inspired by a Fangirl Girls Night Out episode, I present my picks for the most what the heck lyrics. In addition, I will be referring to some unreleased songs, so if you don't know them, you can find them on YouTube.

Let's Do It For Love

Let's make love like it's our last day on Earth.

I give the writer credit for using a different hyperbole than the I'll die without you one that it is in so many of their songs.  At least, I hope it is hyperbole because she will be in for a rough night. Slow down, guy, slow down.  I know you're anticipating this, but you might overwhelm her, especially for her first time. But, I suppose you have all the time in the world.

...feeling every bound of your heartbeat, baby

Abound is a leap or jump, as in a single bound.  A sound can not leap or jump, only echo. Unless it refers to the feeling of her heartbeat against her chest, it makes no sense, even metaphorically.

Love Knows I Love You

Baby love knows I love you
Baby love knows the truth
Baby love knows the feeling that is in here

I'd like to know what this personified love is referring to. Is it a higher power?  Why is love all of the sudden sentient, all-knowing being?

Baby, I'm looking for a cupid.
Can I tie him in a ball and chain...

It also in the second  verse of Let's Do It For Love  

You know a guy is desperate when he talks about kidnapping a mythical character.  Luckily  Cupid doesn't exist, but he might seize an impersonator.

 I Did It For You 

I had to take a backseat down a backstreet just to realize the world didn't revolve around me.

This is the corniest line in the song. It might be a subtle reference to the group if it is about Nick and/or AJ's battle with addiction. Otherwise, it a pointless name drop and/ or rhyme.


This song is a total cringe-fest to me. However, there some lines that are cringer than others. 

Remember at the beach we brought the sheets...

I'll second   Decoding  Backstreet's confusion about bringing sheets to the beach. Did they run out of blankets and towels that day?  Well, I guess they would not be able to use chairs.

You're the fingers to my instrument.

This could go in so many dirty directions.  Therefore, I will leave it to your imagination because it might hurt some sensibilities and mine if I write what I think.

From the Starbucks to the Navajo
(hmm, nasty)

This stood out to me because I  live in Arizona, the seat of the Navajo Indian tribe and the name of a  county in the state.  Since I don't refer to either of these, I will say that it probably refers to a club or a vehicle.  Also, they are so horny they would have sex in Starbuck after getting coffee. Poor baristas. The parenthetical response is appropriate.

 It Gotta Be You

My hungry heart must be fed.

This line makes it clear that the guy is more like a loneliness-driven obsession than a mere infatuation. Moreover, it sets the tone for the entire song.

Can't see the world I'm walking through
'Cause baby, I see only you (oh yeah)

This could go under misheard because I thought the line was   I am hungry, and I must be fed. 

This line confirms my obsession with interpretation. If it was for a celebrity, I'd call the guy in the song a fanboy.

I Wanna Be  With you

When the light is fadin'
You know what I wanna do

The ambiguity in this line makes it oddly suggestive. Why does the guy want to be with her after dark?. But, of course, the song is about a guy expressing his initial romantic interest, so it could be referring to an evening date unless he wants to rush things. 


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