Littrell-y crazy: Three of Brian's most outrageous moments.

I have always been a Brian fan. However, he has done some things that so out of character or strange I question how far he will go for attention.

To Quote Nick, Even Brian is dirty. What's going on? (cerebral fan girl rant coming)

This was so out of character that I understand why tiktokers plastered it all over their accounts. Brian has done it before, but never like this. Remember Darlin? .   I had to discipline myself not ... to....keep...looking.  This proves point #8 on the 11 signs of Chronic Brian Littrell syndrome entry by Sara  Taylor of What Happens on the Backstreet blog. I guess being at sea changes other people besides my dad. If Leighanne was there, she probably would kick him off the stage for doing that in front of fans. I hate that when he goes between innocent and sexy because the inconsistency is confusing Since he doesn't go all in like Nick or AJ shows, he may not be entirely comfortable with this. He always had niche appeal among the fans. We appreciate him for being the group's soul as, or even as  Nick called him in his book, the old soul. He doesnt need to imitate the others.

TikTok by @brianlittrell_chile

Swimming in hilarity.

After a poolside performance of Show Em What You're Made of, Brian hilariously dives into the pool fully clothed, of course. It must have spontaneous because he probably would have had a bathing suit on otherwise.  I was confused the whole time. Some of those watching were perhaps wondering why he didn't do it on a cruise in a Speedo. The only funnier thing was Nick's comment afterward. I guess it is a foreign slang word for crazy. It wouldn't surprise me if he could do the competitive swim stroke knowing how athletic he is. I'd like to challenge him to a one-lap butterfly race the way a fan challenges him to a push-up contest. He has the butterfly kick technique down( see above). He would need to learn the arm motions.  Hed probably beat me because I am out of shape and practice.  But then again,  few people can do it. 

TikTok by @brianlittrell_chile

Dialing it up in Japanese cell phone service company commercial

To promote his solo album in Japan, The cell service AU by KDDI had him improvise an acrostic with his name. My first impression was, did he go heavy on the sake or beer before doing this?  He was acting intoxicated or just plain out of his mind.  If I acted like this, my dad would have questioned my sanity again.   Like one commenter, I thought the whole thing was strange. However, as I responded, there may be something about Japanese humor that we westerners miss.  This seems to be more about Brian himself than the album or even the cell service .  . It was typical of a commercial these days, so neither of us should have been surprised.   It did have more entertainment value than a typical commercial. The idea was probably to make it so outrageous that people would watch.   Brian was perfect for that because his exaggerated humor is universal.  Apparently, there are other parts, so is it more like an infomercial or TV show?  It would have helped if I understood the  Japanese introduction.  At least I found out he can do a mean Kermit the Frog impression.  Besides tour guide, & comedian he could be a voice actor.  The uploader titled this video perfectly. 

He is not only the group's wonder man but also the make 'em wonder man. 


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