I write like I talk

Just as I can talk for a while, then I suddenly run out of things to say I can have tons of writing ideas at once and none later.  I call it writer overload, which is the opposite of writer's block. Inspiration is like a butterfly. It is hard to catch unless it is like the monarch or viceroy. It comes unexpectedly like life , so always have a way to catch like the LJ App on your phone or an old-fashioned notebook.  

Writing is also like surfing. You have to know which wave to ride. Don't hesitate to abandon an idea that is not working or you are no longer excited about. If you are uncertain, save it and come back to it. Like the link in the video says, if it is no longer enjoyable, take a break. This is the advantage of doing it as a hobby. 

Here's a stupid writing joke to close:  What does a  writer say when  he gets an idea for the first version of  a work?   I feel a draft coming on.  Cue drum shot

TikTok by @nahmcam


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