Cat-tent Spotlight Special Remembering Sarge 10 years later.

I am interrupting my regular Cat-tent posts to share about my last cat  Sarge.

Sarge was not the first replacement for our second cat  Misty.  We got a female named Butterscotch, but she was sick, and the shelter uncharacteristically misrepresented her age.   After we brought her back, e had to wait a month to make sure that her illness did not linger.  Therefore, on  Nov 11,1998, we went to North Shore  Animal League in Port  Washington, NY, to get another cat.  All of the cats were asleep, except one named Lovebug initially.   He greeted my dad, and we brought him home against all odds.  We were expecting to walk out without one.  My dad decided to call him Sarge because he was tabby, and we got him on the US Veteran's  Day.  However, he lived up more to the name of Lovebug expect when it came to food.  Once he got used to us, he'd hide from strangers.  In fact, our old tenant in NY  hardly knew he was there except when he moved the water dish.   This was good when we had people over to do some work, but it puzzled me because he was so assertive when we got him. 

Unlike Misty, he was not a gymnast.  This was especially true when I saw him try to walk on the railing in our old garden apartment.  He was also a typical teenager full of energy. In fact, he was so full of energy my dad joked that he needed a Ritalin-filled toy mouse.  I still remember him stealing a pepper from our Chinese food.  He recovered from his castration much quicker than my mom expected, although it is not invasive for males.   He also liked to twist his body which he did until he was advanced in age.  The energy also evened out too.  He had some weird obsession, such as plastic. He'd beg for the wrappers from the aluminum pans. He chewed on a plastic-covered bookmark  I had.   In terms of food, he had a penchant for cream cheese and London Broil fat.   Interestingly, once he was gone, we never had cats in the yard again. He never liked to be brushed, which led to believe that perhaps his mom licked him roughly as a kitten. 

He liked my dad's lap more. Although my mom never took it personally, it seemed strange.  He'd sit near her but never on her. She concluded that he liked my dad's legs more. I called their moments together interspecies male bonding. Unlike  Misty, he was never an escape artist either. In fact, he never went out to the yard until we moved to Arizona.  I concluded he felt safer with the block fencing, or seeing other cats made him overcome his fear. He'd look at him but never attack.  He felt in charge of the yard, although seeing another cat for the first time threatened him.

 In 2010, he mysteriously contracted diarrhea and began losing weight.  Eventually, it got so bad that my dad decided to put him down in  May 2011.  We concluded that it was some form of colitis, though we never had it officially diagnosed.  He never acted sick, though, but if advanced any further, he might have.  I think his appetite increased because he basically starving despite eating. This was the first time I have seen an animal with this condition.  My dad actually took him to be euthanized for the first time. I think this affected profoundly.  He decided that he did not want any more cats because of his age. However, he admitted in 2013 that he was grieving over  Sarge.  He was the first one my mom felted attached to because of his quirks.  It felt strange not having a cat at first for me, but I got over it.  .  As the first and only male, he was special. He was definitely petite like a female and, of course, sweet. 

My last photo of  Sarge   May 21, 2011
My last photo of Sarge May 21, 2011


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