Hey Mr. AJ (updated)

As expected, AJ did a video about the  Christmas album, but no behind the scenes yet. He is just fooling around as he usually does on his  TikTok page. Of the three one there, he has taken advantage of it the most.   And why the heck is Brian's head the biggest?   Did Kevin break the effect, or did AJ forget how to work the effect when Kevin came on? These complicated effects confuse me.    We know you guys. We want proof that you are actually doing this album.  If he or the group account does add a behind-the-scenes video, I will add it to this post. 

Update 5/26/2021:  The recording process is confidential, according to Nick. Therefore, there won't even be official song previews on their social media, not even a tracklist. However, I know loose lips AJ might say something eventually. Even AJ's wife  Rochelle was bragging, but I guess she was sworn to secrecy.  You might think, why would anyone leak Christmas music in the middle of the year?   Well, it is only the Backstreet Boys' most coveted album.  On the bright side, we may get  Footprints sooner rather than later, according to Karah Hancock at 

Update  7/21/2021  Promotion in full swing for the album and the recently announced residency.  Additional information is on my new self-hosted blog,, including my favorite moments so far and a plea not to stress over ticket prices. And yes, it finally looks like they can say something about possible tracks as well.


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