What is TNR?

TNR  stands for trap neuter return.  It is a humane feline population control method. It consists of trapping and sterilizing the homeless cat and then returning it to the street.   This avoids the disruption and overcrowding of shelters caused by trying to rehome the cats.  They are still where they are the most comfortable.   Ferals especially are hard to socialize  because they have never had human contact, to begin with

.  Despite its benefits, it is not a quick fix. Trapping the cats is hard work, especially when they start to evade the traps.  It only reduces the future population, not the current one.  Another challenge is finding vets to do the sterilizations.   To keep track of which ones have been sterilized, one ear is clipped.  This is not the same as cropping ears, which some consider inhumane. It is for record-keeping and not merely cosmetic.  

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