What it means to bear up under trials

The  Bible often says we must bear up suffering.  How can we when pain seems so great?  It depends on our focus. The secret lies in Philippians 4:11, in which Paul says he has learned to be content in all situations. What people get wrong about suffering is that we have to be happy about it. When we rejoice, when don't rejoice in the problem, but in the security, we have in  Christ, It is not some vain hope or fantasy. This contentment doesn't mean we don't face pain or ignore our problems. It means we can cope with them better because we have eternal hope. In a commentary about this verse, Joni Erickson said that a content spirit is a calm disposition that keeps quiet while bears up under trial. It doesn't mean it is satisfied with the situation, but it maintains its peace while going through it and making the necessary changes.   She goes on to say that it was something that Paul had to learn. It meant acquiring new skills. Simply, he had come to depend on the Lord's grace. It happens as we yield to the Spirit and are filled with his peace.


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