Coronavirus: A year later

It is mid-year, and 2021 is looking better than 2020; despite the chaotic beginning, Arizona is returning to semi-normal.  Many of the places I go to are no longer requiring masks and have eased restrictions. Whoopie.  I was not that enthusiastic about them and only wore them when necessary because most were so damn uncomfortable.  . I saw it as a sacrifice I had to make. I found the disposable ones were the most comfortable moving around a lot, especially in the desert heat.   I am not one of those people who are using them like security blankets now, though I understand the fear is natural for many. The positive of it was that it was another way to make a fashion statement. Some celebrities, like dancer Cheryl Burke, got into the designer mask craze. 

I was on guard but not panicked in the beginning. However, the inconsistent information made me a little cynical as time wore on, but I never denied its existence.  Some preventative measures in some places seemed draconian.  For example, How was California going to enforce capacity limits in peoples' own residences? Then The CDC confirmed what I read in an article seven months earlier in  October 2020. Large droplets can spread further than six feet, and the risk of transmission varies by the size and capacity, and ventilation of a place. Since I was never in crowds, I was never in danger despite people getting sick around me.  Since I did not mind being alone, I never felt the worst mental effects of lockdown.  Though since I could not go out as much, I used to my social life was reduced.    

Now without the anti-Trump agenda, the truth about COVID-19 and the virus that caused it may finally come out.  It is looking better for the skeptics right now.   Kentucky  Senator Rand Paul did a victory lap after  Freedom of Infomation Act  E-Mail Dump implicated Dr. Fauci in being involved with a gain of function research and covering up the true origin of the virus. Even the left-wing media changed their mind on the lab leak theory.   That is surprising, considering they rarely change their mind on anything they think is a right-wing conspiracy. I was a little hesitant to believe it myself without confirmation.  It looks like Trump will be vindicated. 

. If the theory is true, it leaves me with more questions.  If it was accidental, why didn't the lab go on lockdown or warn Wuhan residents?  Were they that incompetent like Cheyrnobl nuclear engineers, or is there something else going on here?  If O    In addition, Why did Chinese officials arrest a reporter for reporting about COVID-19?  What did she find that was so threatening to the CCP?  

Pandemic redux?

Ironically, China reported the first human case of avian flu H10N3. Chinese health officials said it was nothing to worry about.  I  am hoping they are right in the end because we are all pandemic weary.   Even a small-scale epidemic could cause alarm like the ebola crisis of 2014.  However, I am a little skeptical about it in light of how badly they handled COVID-19.  In fact, many recent flu strains that have spread worldwide originated in China.  Some theorized that the 2009  swine flu H1N1  came to Mexico through China.    

So, yes, now  Corona can just be a beer, town name, and the sun's halo. However, we may have something else down the line.


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