On Quit Playing Games 24 years after the US Release

My thoughts on Quit Playing Games(With My Heart) 24 years after its US release in 1997. 

Brian especially expected the song to be a failure. He even later criticized before a cruise performance. Yet, it was their most successful US single to date. Jive made a good choice by releasing it as the first US single. I am glad the guys advocated for this instead of If You Want it To Be Good Girl as the first single. Even then, they disliked it 

Whenever I listened to the late-night dance/remix music show on Z-100 in New York City, I would wait for a remix I liked. I have never found it online because it may have been exclusive to the station. Not knowing who did it doesn't help. 

As far as I know, this was the only song they did with a  vocal change in the radio version disliked t the last-minute addition of Nick on the second verse because just because the fan wanted him to be on the verse  Brian sounded good at the time so I thought the change was not warranted. He probably still resents it to this day because he jokingly called it a diversity decision. It may have been the start of the rivalry for leads between Brian and Nick that Kevin alluded to in the documentary. At least AJ was on the bridge the entire time, which he likes to remind everyone about whenever this comes up

 My adult self understands the video better than my younger self did when it came out. I agree with Kevin that it's a beefcake video. I thought it was ironic they released it in the US when they were trying to prove they were more than pretty faces. They could have done another version like they did for I'll Never Break Your Heart. I get the whole hanging out at night and the rain represents heartbreak. However, how is open-shirt dancing related to heartbreak? At that point, they were playing games with our hearts. The only positive aspect of Nick on the second verse is that the video included those flirty hand movements In the 24th-anniversary post for the initial release, they stated"24 years ago we unbuttoned our shirts and danced on football field bleachers in the rain. This was the first time many of you heard of us and since you've stuck with us for so long we promise to never do that again...unless you want us to." Yeah, some do. However, I am happy to leave this in the past. They proved they were more than that mostly. 

Well in closing some other thoughts on it from elsewhere in the Backstreet blogosphere. 

62 Thoughts We Had Watching The “Quit Playing Games” Music Video – What Happens On The Backstreet (


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