Cat-tent Spotlight #13 Pusheen Purrr-file.

Claire Belton created Pusheen in 2010. She introduced the character in the book I am Pusheen the Cat.    The name comes from the Irish Gaelic word for either cat or kitten.  I forget which one.  It grew into a Tumblr, which recently became an independent website The site hosts its own merchandise shop, The Pusheen shop.  You can get a separate seasonal subscription box, the Pusheen Box, with varied Pusheen items if you can't choose which merch to get. You can also find Pusheen drawings on Facebook and animated versions on Youtube. 

I learned about Pusheen through the Facebook stickers, which are standard on both desktop chat and the Messenger app. . To say that I became an instant fan would be an understatement.   I have the purse, which is perfect if you don't carry a lot of stuff.  I have also bought 2018, 2020, and 2021 calendars so far. My dad always gets a kick out of the illustrations, calling them clever. Other characters include fellow cats Stormy and Pip, The Sloth,  Cheeks the hamster, and Bo the Parakeet.     You will find her "birthdate of  February 18 commemorated on each year's calendar and in previous drawings.  

Find more drawings like this one the website or Facebook
Find more drawings like this one the website or Facebook


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