Toxic Fanperson behaviors in the church

As I have grappled with my fangirl tendency in relationship to my spiritual well being I have notice some of these are present in the church 

Spiritual feels (hyperemtionalism) Some put emotional experiences as the only evidence of a true relationship with God. This is dangerous as it can lead to error because there is no objective basis to judge thing s. All the false euphoria is based on thisWhen one thing doesn't satisfy us we will go in search the next thing to keep the dopamine flowing. It is unbiblical as well. Jesus said you love me you will keep my commands and you will know them by their fruits. Are you striving to obey and grow? That's only sure way to know. That's not say to emotions are not important. If your love for God has grown cold then that's a warning sign. Passion is attracyive  Jesus did say worship in spirit and truth but many forget the truth part

. Leader-shipping. In fanperson jargon a ship is a relationship between two real  celebrities or fictional people. Shipping is following those couple. In spiritual terms I define as idolizing a pastor or other spiritual leader or mentor.  While we should respect and  encourage  our pastors because without an accountability system it is hard.  However, we  shouldn't elevate   them to celebrity status  It can create unrealistic expectations   and make us dependent on the person rather than God.  This is why some people fall away after a pastor or other leader falls.  People can speak into our lives  and can be examples for us but ultimately we are responsible for own growth

Hater and trolls  There are people who do nothing but sow discord  in the guise of constructive  criticism or discernment.   They  criticize every little thing the pastor does and complain about sermons usually with a very  self-centered  lense rather than a biblical lense.  It is all about them and their  desires  rather preferring others over themselves.  They may be overly harsh with a fallen brother or sister or even with someone they may disagree with especially over trivial matters.   When they hear something challenging rather than reflect or investigate they are quick to label the person a Pharisee or legalist.  I understand that discernment is important  When Jesus sent out the disciples in Matthew  10 he told to be wise as serpents  Christians have been easy scam victims because we have been naive  believing the best  out of so called love  People  thinks boundaries too are unchristian  for the same reason We have also fallen into error unknowingly too .  But I liked what Joe Shakour  said in a tweet

There’s a difference between discernment and a critical spirit.   One speaks the truth in love, the other scorns.   One is like the Advocate with the Father, the other is like the Accuser of the Brethren.   (Luke 9:55)

Love when correctly applied to build up not cover up  is not a weakness.  


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