Biden's border psychology

Denial is a powerful force, but it is even more powerful when driven by pride.  All the excuses are gone.  They cannot call it a partisan issue since people on their side in congress and the media criticize it.   Even an anchor from the usually sympathetic  Spanish language network Univision questions Kamala hard on this issue.  She started with the failure of her don't come statement to register with immigrants waiting in  Mexico.  They felt abandoned and rejected. Of course, it would not register because they have been allowed to go without restriction since Joe Biden's statement.  It was also unqualified, so to them, it was a permanent rejection. She should have said, don't come now as we are no condition to receive you.  Even if the immigrants obeyed, they probably would not have taken advantage of the moratorium to do anything substantial if they have not done it already.

Kamala's refusal to visit the border is baffling because it still a concern. She cannot say it is due to lack of time or even COVID because she went elsewhere for comparatively frivolous events.  This simply not a priority for her at this moment. .  Yes, maybe they didn't anticipate the vast influx, but they should have done something after.   The promise to close the makeshift detention facilities turned out to be unrealistic with the unanticipated massive influx.  It caused them to go back on it, and now they look like typical insincere lying politicians.  With cynicism around politicians more common, this was a PR blunder, especially to skeptical conservatives who want to hold him to the same standard critics held Trump to.  

 The outcome of the Guatemala trip was not even that great either. One Univision English language editorial questioned the effectiveness of anti-corruption only focus in Central America.  Guatemala   president     Giamattei's  criticism of their  inaction and the chilly reception of some of  Guatemalan to Kamala's arrival    \ discredited  for their cause 

Simply said, they don't want to admit they were wrong. It would too much to their opposition, especially Trump and his policies.   But by delaying action, the problem is only getting bigger, and the criticism, especially from conservatives, is getting louder.  They giving states a  reason to act on their own, which something the left dislikes.  


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