Wisdom is part of the walk

Ruslan misses the nuances in this issue with a gross generalization.   Some people are confused and fearful, about what is proper because depravity is all they see and know. I am still like this as I wade the cultural views on sexual expression to a more balanced view. 

 He misunderstands or even wholly ignores the idea of personal boundaries as not to cause those to stumble.  They are personal decisions, not hard and fast rules.  They may seem irrational to some, but the person put them in place for their own protection and integrity of their witness to others.  Rusl, I don't get why some people won't be with others who are not their spouses because being with the opposite sex on a platonic basis doesn't bother me, but I respect it.   

 I wonder how he feels about Pauls's view about the meat sacrificed to idols.  Were those who decided to avoid the meat overly sensitive, especially since it had significance outside itself.  Is that not akin to people getting upset about kissing? He just said not to make a big deal unless it is specifically mentioned that it was given to idols.   If it was more than just a peck on the cheek or lips, I understand.  I can't listen to certain sexual songs without feeling aroused, so I tend to avoid them. I don't want to put that stuff in my head too much as I remain abstinent.  And as I said before, some of it is gross.  He may think this is an overreaction, but this part of the boundaries I am talking about. 

A better solution

Teach people a more balanced video of sexuality.  Emphasize proper expressions of sexuality even within marriage because that's missing in the conversation.     Some people ignore the utilitarian part and wonder they have an unplanned pregnancy.   Some get so fearful of sexual sin and depravity that I don't realize it is a good thing  I used to be in the fearful camp, but I respect it more now.  However, I still object to the hypersexualization of our culture, especially the domination and bragging in music.  Sex can be divorced from love despite it being called love.  Eros does not imply phileo in a relationship.   Sex is just one component of a relationship but not all of it.  I prioritize emotional connection first, especially as I choose to remain abstinent before marriage. 

 We need to correct the skewed view and not talk down to those like this, especially for other reasons.  Romans 14  says we are to lift up the weaker brother, not belittle him for his choice regarding his own walk. 


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