I was flattered that  LinkedIn  News Editio  Andrew  Seaman considered me authoritative enough to actually solicit my opinion on the Post Pandemic  Resignation wave or what I call the mass quit.   It means I am getting some visibility on the platform. I started to write posts on LinkedIn on that subject, including resharing something I wrote about anxiety in 2008. Here is a link to my latest one. I was going to post a news report about this, so the request was timely.   I might have questioned myself in the past. Now   I decided to share my opinion regardless of how it might be perceived. If the editors actually share my posts, that means wider exposure for me. 

I don't consider myself an SME on this subject, just someone who shares experiences and opinions. This is a reminder sometimes the best experts are in the trenches.  This is why  I like the fact that they include user opinion in their news roundups. 


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