It is in the B.A.G.

My b.a.g( big audacious goal) is to blog professionally. I have been learning the skills necessary, such as market research through keyword search. But it seems each expert approaches it differently.   I decided to give up on Blogging Fast Line. Their approach doesn't seem geared towards my type of blogging.  Anna didn't even understand that I  was asking and how to adapt SEO to my style  not whether it was necessary. . It showed a lack of understanding on her part.     She also seemed offended that I'd question one of the concepts. So, I quit the writing challenge, and I decided to plunge with the 30-day blog challenge.  Don't worry; my LiveJournal will be here pending the results of the challenge. However, any new stuff will be over one the self-hosted site until I can find a way to merge it or direct it here.  

Another concept that I am a little skeptical about is finding a "blue ocean." That is the concept of a completely unsaturated market.  That might work for advice and maybe even in products. However, with ideas, there is nothing original.  It is your own take on it.  For example, the major Backstreet Boy blogs write about them in their own way with their own style is run by  Karah Hanoca, a marketer and former journalist.  It was a Backstreet Boys only iteration of her previous Boys on The Block and Fangirling Life sites. ( She recently revived the Fangirling Life name for her business blog)   She started entertainment blogging after her work column became popular after  The Nick Carter and Jordan Knight. She decided to take a team approach by having a staff of writers.  This saves time and gives a variety of prospective.  What Happens On The Backstreet was news-centered. Creator Sara Taylor has not waded into the recent controversy surrounding one member, unlike the other two.  She keeps it fun and light with funny memes on social media to boot.  Rose Semilles was inspired by her and launched hers soon after to expand on her forum l.   The Backstreet Boys is already a crowded market, Yet these three succeeded with their own takes on their subject.   When quoting each other, they refer to each as "Affiliates" rather than competitors because the Backstreet fandom is interconnected.   My  Backstreet Boys posts tend to be more philosophical. I have written about ageism and even their take on body image from an interview and the anti-group bias they face besides the usual fan stuff.   

I like the idea of trust marketing, especially if you are setting yourself up as an authority. It seems more personal.  The only product I'd wholeheartedly recommend and therefore want to do an affiliate deal or private ad deal with is Grammarly. However, my blog is not targeted at writers. So will be looking at more. 

After my constant struggle to get a job, this seems like a way to make my original idea of writing for a living come true. However, like any business, it is going to take time and skill to build intelligently.   I am also tired of living in fear. So I will continue to learn and try what makes sense to me and my niche.


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