You want to see what? An outrageous language transfer illustration.

[More vulgar for illustrative purpose only] Vulgar language for illustrative purposes only.

Language transfers are part of adult language learning life.  We rely on fon own language patterns until we are familiar enough with the target language. Even when we are, they can appear like Freudian slips when we are operating in the second language but thinking in our first.  One particular one took the cake for randomness and what the person actually meant.
A Spanish-speaking English learner asked  How would you say I want to see gas in a Facebook group.  My fellow commenters and  I  had fun with it.  I was in tears from laughing so hard. It turned out to be a vulgar pun in the original Spanish. I want to see gas means quiero ver gas. If you say ver gas fast enough, it sounds like one of many vulgar words for penis,  verga, the equivalent of dick in English. I was shocked by the double entendre there. No wonder why the admin turned off commenting. However, if I didn't get it as f as one of the more advanced learners, the beginners wouldn't have either.


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