Backstreet Boys inspirational songs

I wanted to highlight these types of songs because they never seem to get any attention.  It is nice thematic changes for the usual love songs m.  Here are five of my favorites 

I wonder if they remember Moving On because they always mention that Breathe from DNA was the first acapella song they recorded.  If they mean the first non-bonus acapella song, it is true because Moving On was a Never  Gone Bonus. I like the message of gradual self-improvement.   It is very reflective but full of grace.      This might have been chosen with AJs struggle with addiction in mind which was a road with many dips.  Interestingly it is credited to a  person called David Bowie. However, it is probably not the late singer because it probably would have been credited under his real last name of  Jones. It also seems unlikely that he would have written for the Backstreet Boys even during his pop era. However, if either the estate or the singer himself gave it to them, it would be a significant coup.

Considering what they went through, it might seem a little idealistic, but it focuses mainly on their time together. Time seems more appropriate now than when it was released 7 years after their formation.   Besides being a good trip down memory lane, It reminds us that personal and environmental change is a constant. Sometimes, We only realize how much we have changed in hindsight. 

 I learned from some of their songs never to judge them by their titles. Happily Never After is one example.  Judging just by the title, I thought it would be the typical breakup song in the style of Not For Me or Don't  Want You Back. Instead, the guys narrate a story of a woman who leaves a bad, possibly abusive relationship.  I like the courage and self-respect of that woman. The song could inspire others to go into bad relationships. This was a cover, but they do it beautifully. Someone on Youtube said that she liked this group version because it captured the song's essence better. I imagine them being the people to help her after leaving and possibly restores her faith in men. It shows sensitivity to an issue that their primarily female fan base might face.  A domestic abuse organization should adopt it as a theme or put in an awareness PSA.  This makes up for some of the corny or just plain songs they have done.

What Makes You Different is the favorite of my favorites. It is rare to hear a mainstream song talking about inner beauty. I am sure it inspired the similarly themed What Makes you Beautiful by One Direction. Howie wrote the song in honor a high school acquaintance. I wonder if she knows about it. Brian, as the co-lead, seemed appropriate, knowing his outlook on life. Howie and Brian on leads is also a rare combination. It never got the attention it deserves. There are no official audio or performance videos on youtube and few fan-made videos. I was happy it was included on the Black and Blue rerelease, though. Thank Sweet D for writing such a sweet song

Roll With It encourages resilience. If you have ever felt frustrated because you have been left or misunderstood, you will relate to it even as an adult.  This was perfect for their young audience at the time.  It could have easily replaced If You Want it To Be Good Girl on the US Debut. 

Answer  To Our Life seems like a song of someone looking for answers to life's difficulties and strife and its resulting instability. This might have reflected the challenges they went through, especially  Howie's loss of his other sister Caroline  Kevin's grief over potentially losing Brian seven years after his father's death. This song came to mind when racial tensions exploded in the US in 2020. This was another one  they wrote together

If you are looking for an uplifting Backstreet Boy song, I recommend starting with these. 


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