Cat-tent Spotlight #18 Nick Carter The Cat Lover

Nick's   Purr-suasive   Power 

Nick Carter's influence is undeniable. Rose Semilles wrote how his networking power saved the group and helped it evolve musically in her Nick-only blog.  After relaunching his TikTok page, he got more than a million followers in a day.  That was bigger than his bandmate AJ Mclean's TikTok debut.  He takes credit for introducing the rest of the group to Florida Georgia Line in an All I Have To  Give Episode, which eventually led to the collaboration. He also backed various charities. He visited  Ryan Seacreast Foundation hospital during the first US leg of the DNA tour in 2019  with groupmate Brian Littrell.   He recently partnered with Cure  For the Kids, a local charity in Las Vegas, his current city. In addition, he can really sell his fans his favorite products. 

Possibilities  are endless

He could also use that persuasiveness to help cat welfare since he is a cat lover. For example, it would greatly benefit   La Gattara Cat Cafe and Boutique's post-Covid transition to Phoenix and non-profit status. He could participate in one of their events or do his own in support of them. Could you imagine him at an adoption event?     A performance of his song 80s Movie would be perfect for another 80s themed night. Regardless of the event type, fans would be purring too.  

About his current breed choice. 

I am not surprised he has a hairless cat now, given his quirky interest. Their lack of fur makes them odd, but they are not completely hairless. Instead, they have a little fur similar to peach fuzz that probably protects them from skin damage.  In fact, I would name one Pelusa, the Spanish word for fuzz, or maybe just English Peach fuzz. 

I never liked him much, but his life-long love of cats might change my mind.  Current Nick girls, are you suddenly interested in hairless cats now or cats in general because of him? 

Nick and some childhood  cats
Nick and some childhood cats

Nick and his current cat.
Nick and his current cat.


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