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  • Sat, 10:23: For all you who think I am anti-Nick Carter Go read the multiple times, I have defended him or watch my videos in which I call out fans for attacking him and Lauren. I don't appreciate being misinterpreted much less attacked this way.
  • Sat, 10:54: @soulcap. I am thinking of writing about this. As a former competitive swimmer and knowing a bathing caps purpose, this is puzzling. It is definitely ignorance if not outright racism.
  • Sat, 11:00: That's me with fluctationg winter temps in the Phoenix area. #valleyofthesunvibe.
Tags: #caturday, #freebritney, #morethandesert, #songsaturday, #truenorthernaz, #valleyofthesunvibe, #writinglife

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