Why AJ Mclean's Golf Line Logo Gets My Goat.

A twist on the Lacoste logo or occultic?
A twist on the Lacoste logo or occultic?

Look at this without knowing what it is, and tell me what invokes in you.  Well, it is the logo for Backstreet Boys member AJ Mclean's new golf apparel line. But, from a pure branding perspective, it is a failure to me.  When I saw it on his shirt without explanation, I had no idea what it was or what it related to. In fact, it gave occult vibes. I thought, hmm, Baphomet, the modern goat-headed androgynous mystical figure and the related sigil of Baphomet, also known as the Mendes Pentacle.  

  As a Christian, these associations are alarming especially given what the writer says quoted in a Luciferian shop blog which I pasted below.   I am not surprised if he is trying to invoke this, given the prevalence of occult imagery in pop culture.  H    I doubt he is really ignorant about these things. Someone mentioned that it could be a Capricorn symbol a sea-goat symbol.  which slightly better but still occultic 

.  But again, why is he associating golf with occultic imagery?    Are the average golfer or even his fans into it or even aware of it.  He is obviously not targeting people like me nor his more conservative groupmate and fellow golfer Brian Littrell. 

Baphomet and the Sabbatic Goat - A Note on the Origin 

The Sabbatic Goat and Baphomet have numerous and relatively deep symbolism concerning occult and left-hand path meaning.   The Luciferian Baphomet comes from the original representation of Baphomet as the 'model' of the Black Adept who seeks power via the Left-Hand Path. The following are a few paragraphs from Michael W. Ford's "The Bible of the Adversary" and "Dragon of the Two Flames" (Succubus Productions).

"The Black Head of Wisdom or Baphomet. This Luciferian Baphomet is presented differently from the traditional Levi Baphomet. The figure is Black; the symbolism behind this is the Arabic root word fhm, meaning Black or “wise.” The horns represent power, the beast head is the carnal body, and the torch represents the Black Flame and Wisdom. The inverted pentagram represents the Adversary's power, the Divinity Allen into humanity, and the possibility for ascension and the knowledge of both darkness and light. The wings are symbols of angelic spirit, the higher intellect. The moon above and below in which Baphomet points to indicates balance; that there is no complete “good” or “evil” and they points of view. Baphomet is also presented as Qayin, of course, Cain the First Sorcerer and Luciferian. The twin serpents are Do-mar and Dehak, the snakes of Azhi-Dahak. Therefore Cain is the power of the infernal and angelic, the son of The Serpent and the Whore,.  Therefore a symbol of the Luciferian as an individual" From "The Bible of the Adversary" by Michael W. Ford.

"Baphomet, the symbol of the Black Adept, the Luciferian who has illuminated the divine and daemonic Black Flame through the union of Leviathan, Samael, and Lilith, is transformed anew. The Sabbatic Goat symbolizes the wisdom, power, and strength of the cup of venom and the life-blood of the Rephaim and Nephilim of old. As partly, Baphomet is considered ‘Chioa,’The Beast’ who is the offspring of the union of Samael and Lilith encircled by Leviathan. Cain is described in many Jewish Qabalah texts as having a ‘Shining Countenance,’ which can be perceived as a force of Will or character. In this sense, Cain is considered identical to Kewan or ‘Saturn,’ the ‘star’ of evil that causes chaos in Israel (along with Mars, the planet of Samael). Cain's name is thought to translate ‘The Wrathful One’In the Luciferian tradition, basic ritual lore indicates that Cain is the son of Samael and Lilith rather than Eve, which is explained from the Legends of the Jews, pg. 134 of Vol. V. Eve’s etymological origins of the word offer a translation of Eve being ‘Serpent,’ thus Lilith. Cain is confirmed by Cabalistic texts as ‘the Son of Satan’ from Samael in Serpent form having intercourse with Eve. The ‘Mark of Cain’ is the Horn, thus representing Power and Wisdom in the Ancient Near East"- Paraphrased from "Dragon of the Two Flames" by Michael W. Ford.  

And this from a Lufcieran supply shop blog! .  I guess those who say that Baphomet is benign are confusing it with the original Gnostic idol from which the modern depiction evolved.   In additionthe Luciferian one seemed to develop from the one by the French occultist  Eliphas Levi. 

Link  to information about the Levi Baphomet added by me.  Quoted Text edited for clarity


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