Margaret Nahmias (magaretnahmias) wrote,
Margaret Nahmias

A Novice's Guide to Cats

1) Especially if you are a dog owner, you must understand that cats are more delicate. They don't tolerate roughousing very well. Even the way they eat is more delicate. They can be sensitive to sounds and visual stimuli as well as touch I watched an epsiode of My Cat From Hell that featured a man whose cat was uspet because he treated the cat as roughly as a dog.

2) Cats are not as solitary as you think. Yes, they don't live in groups usually, but that doesn't mean they are not affectionate. They just are not as boisterous about it as dogs nor do they depend on it as much as dogs. Therefore, respect your cat's need for alone time but don't be surprised if it a little pissed after you been gone for a while .

3) Another tip for dogs owners: don't let your dog sniff the cat's butt; it drives them crazy. Cats only greet nose to nose.

4) Cats are adaptable but don't like too much change in their enviroments. This is probably why cats don't travel well.
Tags: cats, pets

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