Stop the Double Standard

When people got upset over Islamic terrorism branding all Muslims as terrorists we were told not to generalize.  I don't expect the same thing  after Capitol riots.  All Trump supporters  and conservatives will suspect and banned just like Ariel Pink.  While I am happy that airlines are thinking of  safety. I fear the order to ban violent Trump supporters will be used as excuse  to ban all Trump supporters especially those who refuse to give them their political leanings before buying a ticket

 Parler gets banned by virtue of it size, when Facebook did not receive similar repercussions over  similar content on their site.  Facebook only did something about it when they were pressured to, anything about misinformation and hate content on the site.  credit for saying they will reinstate it when they show they can effectively police themselves.  That was the main concern I had about Parler's hands off approach .  They say they have community guidelines but they should be made public to allay concerns.  However, Is it fair to all Parler user support that content or the company itself supports without proof? Google's ban looks permanent. 

I am tired of the hypocrisy  shown when a conservative gets triggered over something  vs when a liberal gets triggered over something  Triggered liberal is ok but the triggered conservative is told to suck it up. Case in point  Negative eactions to Backstreet Boy AJ Mclean's post in support of Biden and Harris  were swiftly condemned by Lance Bass. However  bandmate Brian Littrell's support of Trump justified  all kind of vicious attacks against him and  no one says anything about it . Lance For instance, the writer of the Decoding Backstreet blog says  God punished Brian with losing his voice so he cannot state his political opinion . There was more but I found  that one to be the most insulting  because it belittle a problem that was very hard for him. Or someone calling a white supmercist just because of that announcement.   Heck, it comments like that drove him off social media to begin with and probably drove him to Parler.

To be fair, I don't object  to an objective statement of opinion, but personal insults  and generalizations  when you object to generalizations in other instances.  This is not whataboutism. It is about consistency.  Apply the same rules to everyone.


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