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As a Brian Littrell fan, I have learned that you must have thick skin to put up with the frickin flack he receives over primarily nothing. This includes people criticizing him for publicly appearing with his son and wife.

In the past, I would have agreed with threaded comments on this, but it seems like Baylee is branching out on his own gradually. They talked about looking for a major label in the interview previewed. He has done solo interviews and performances in the past, such as Local  TV  various podcasts and his own streams.  However, I don't think critics really care because it is not about Baylee or his well-being  It about their hatred of his parents.  I don't see him trying to ride Brian's coattails as much as Brian mentoring him, as said in my father's day post on them.   It is a harsh industry, and it all happened quickly for Brian.  At least Baylee has the advantage of someone close to him with experience and access to  Brian's groupmates, especially AJ.   If anything, Brian is trying to capitalize on the attention his son is receiving with these recent appearances.

 For better or worse, the Littrell's are a package deal.  Yes,  Brian can appear alone more often, but don't be surprised if Baylee and/or Leighanne join him at one point.  Even Rose Similles of the Dark Side Blog points out that part of Brian's appeal is his family as well.  Fans have rooted for Baylee because of Brian. We have admired his dedication to Baylee.   If Baylee's parents did not bring him on tour, I doubt he would have gotten the singing bug.  Baylee will probably expand the audience for the country because of his association with his father and his father's group.  I have seen comments on his Facebook from Latin American fans.  I don't think Latin Americans are typical country music audiences either.

 Family acts are not uncommon. Perhaps if Baylee and Brian were an official act together, you would not be upset, would you as much? Therefore, I don't get why the critics get so upset over seeing  Baylee and Brian together expect it is an excuse to take potshots at Brian and Leighanne, especially Leighanne.      Baylee sometimes gets caught in the middle.   If your beef is with the parents, please leave Baylee out of it. Your concern seems fake.

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