Livejournal status and more

I started my own self-hosted blog , recently   I am thinking of continuing to post my religious and language posts here on Livejournal. Unfortunately, the hosting company I use, Bluehost, only migrates other WordPress sites. I tried linking the domains with self-hosted sites, but it did not work.  That's probably because the hosting company I use only allows it for self-hosted sites.    This all to say, I probably won't be posting as consistently here as I have. However, I want to leave it as a record of previous posts. 

 While WordPress is good and the gold standard for self-hosted blogging,  certain Livejournal features better. The WordPress blocks can be tricky to navigate on the app.   The app doesn't sync with the site, so draft changes on both are not merged automatically. Drafts on the desktop site and app are not automatically saved.

If Livejournal had its own self-hosted version, I'd use it for consistency. The rumors of Livejournal's demise are greatly exaggerated. 

My hope was to eventually monetize, but I doubt there is one for my type of blogging after reviewing certain strategies.  Guest posting is only good for backlinking unless I could do sponsored posting.  If my site was primarily language, it might offer language conversation practice to monetize through service provision. A challenge I am in mentioned email lists right off the bat. For me, that is too soon. I am more interested in organically building an audience that I could write emails to first.  I also want to increase my domain authority(visibility of the site in SEO terms) to get more attention.  

I have also started a new  Twitter  MargaretNahmias  formerly  Nahmiasblog, but I realized  I was not posting a lot of blog stuff there.

While Livejournal automatically downloads and posts them, you can see them better on the actual Twitter site.  I am learning from past mistakes and frustrations.  So far, it is has been drama-free, and I have made new connections, such as Rico Suave of Postmedia

I have been following her takes on the Aaron Carter drama, but she does so much more.   I was happy to connect her to others who have been following and commenting on that drama too.  I hope she does follow through on addiction and mental illness in Hollywood in a more general sense.   She is on Youtube and Twitter under Postidemedia. 

.   I do share blog posts with mostly Backstreet Boys and cats tweets thrown in with occasional news commentary.  These have been major parts of my blog. 


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