The Frustration of Being a Brian Littrell fan.

Feeling that way about how some people feel about him,
Feeling that way about how some people feel about him,

So I was in a  Backstreet  Boys  Facebook group.  I liked it, but I was not entirely comfortable with some members' constant objectification of  Brian.  Ot seemed like every photo posted was for that purpose. Since I knew they weren't going to change, I just left the group.  I did not create unnecessary drama but even nicely mentioning that I did not like it.   Yes, I admit he is good-looking and has gotten more so with age.  However,  I find the thirst-trapped reaction a little exaggerated.  He'd be least likely to purposely solicit nor accept such objectification. He is modest with such things. For example, He stayed on the edges of the crazy 50 shades night on one of the cruises. He stood around in a mask, probably hoping no one would recognize him.  Well, one commenter on a fan-made video did and shamed him for it.  I will say it until I am blue in the face; I absolutely hate the prude shaming of this man.  His sweet and modest personality is part of his appeal to me and so many others.    It is a shame that he feels pressured to act like Nick or AJ because of the fans' adverse reaction to his modesty.  

He said once that innocence doesn't sell.  After seeing the course of many celebrities, I'd say he is right.  I am sure some were expecting to turn "bad" at one point because they thought the innocence was fake.  Yes, sometimes he does seem too good to be true, but I am glad he did take a different approach to fame.    He knew even though he joined for the love of performing, he could not separate that from the fame part, especially in a group of the Backstreet Boys' stature.  I like that he tries to maintain a grounded attitude even in the middle of the fishbowl of fame.  I also liked that he talked about instilling values into Baylee.   In his book, Nick says the spiritual conversations they had together positively affected him.  He admired Brian for being a man of principles.  That's not that easy in the show business.   This and many other things have made him a lightning rod with a typical  Backstreet Boys fan.

I sometimes wonder what his expectations were when he joined the group.  I imagine that those early days were overwhelming. He needed time to learn how to approach the whole thing comfortably since it was radically different from the life he knew.   He confirmed some of my impressions when he said that after the Millennium madness, he become more introverted.  After the stress of the conflict with management and his heart surgery, I understood that. However,  I wonder if the pressure of maintaining his positive image got to him. Brian is an atypical celebrity, and I  appreciate that.   I wish the mainstream did as well. 

Sorry to make two consecutive  entries about him,but I needed to get my frustrations out somehow.  Writing for me sometimes is the best way.  And really all this embodies the frustrations  I have with the typical fans.  

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