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  • Tue, 09:02: RT @NahmiasBlog: In my worldview I know I am distinct minority in this fandom that probably will never be welcomed. Feel free to block if I…
  • Tue, 09:21: As a fan of a pop group I only care about one thing: the music. Their political views left or right are side issues. Luckliy I am not that important so no one will come talking crap here. But if you do, you will be deleted and/or muted. And it is my final desicion.
  • Tue, 09:27: I wish Tiktok would put some of the app functionality on the desktop site. it is real space suck for phones will smaller amounts of space. @socialmedia2day
  • Tue, 09:33: Social media has been really good for illustrations and examples in my writing especially for Aaron Carter since he has left a lot of crumbs./
  • Tue, 09:40: @postidmedia @defilinski @giogiorubbish and anyone else in the AC critique community who cares to read. It was a lot of work to compile the examples and credit to some of you for the examples.
  • Tue, 09:56: I also focus on intellectual aspects. But I wonder how many are interested I'm taking my self-hosted blog back into a more personal direction once I get all my Backstreet Boys ideas down. My experiences are unique, but this topic is a bright red ocean with no blue spaces
  • Tue, 10:02: My parents got their first dose with just soreness. However, I wish I could find more info about the severity of allergic reactions. Since I have a serve one to penciling. I am legitimately worried. Yeah they observe, but those who administer it probably cannot treat you.
  • Tue, 10:05: Most likely we will get a Christmas video hopefully for Christmas Time.
  • Tue, 10:32: One of my first albums. Almost 30 years after its release, I am still listening to its songs. Like Michael Buble would later with his covers, she adds fresh arrangements to the songs. In most cases, I prefer them to the originals I've heard
  • Tue, 10:33: And you wonder why I am skeptical about the vaccines?
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    Mon, 14:48: RT @ DustinBenge: We need preachers who still preach God is holy, sin is damning, hell is real, salvation is available, death is…

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