B-Rok and a hard place: My thoughts on the latest Littrell controversy

I had a  positive Brian post I felt inspired to finish but I needed to address this latest controversy first The more I analyze this controversy, the more I realize  that people are just reacting to Parler  as much as his decision join.  They don't like it because  of what it supposedly represents.  the fact that he joined just confirms to them  that he is a bigot just like his wife.  Let's say  Google Plus still existed and he said he was going there.  No one would have cared  it was never controversial. L.  I I denounced his decision to publicly  announce it while ignoring the controversy over his wife. Just as other controversies were dying  down  he threw out a ember that resparked the fire unnecessarily. People were willing to give him a benefit of a doubt  but this was the straw that broke the camel's back becuase it is personal to them.

If he  felt conflicted over the whole thing then he  should come out and say that. Maybe it would have not satisfied everyone, but communication is key in tense situations like this. It also put the rest of the group in a bind. How are they going to distance themselves from him when he is such as important part of the group? Can they be a real example of giving accountability   and dialogue  when many consider Brian's belief intolerable Will the fans be happy with whatever they decide?  There is no way they can support the rest of the  group without supporting him monetarily. He still get a cut of whatever they make .  

If I was a family member or personal friend  I'd tell him that he is running his personal brand as a professional and celebrity.   I'd make him understand the effect this having on the group   Somethings don't need to be said  .  Fans have pressured him and the rest of the group to address  i on social media. However, social media pressure is usually ineffective.  While we as fans who don't know him personally can express our discontent to each other   it won't be as effective as someone  from  his circle or he group addressing it with him privately .  Hopefully, he'd welcome the accountability. I don't believe in the zero sum game of abandoning him or uncritically supporting him either. You can still like someone and address their flaws. I have things that I don't like about my  father, but I don't hate him and have even told him that of his attitudes are wrong 

 Parler was shut down on Jan 11, 2o21  but I doubt this controversy will be shut down either even if the site never comes back.  I doubt there will be any reconciliation this time.  I still like him  but will be looking at him more  obejctivelly \It is frustrating to me  and makes me  question the image  he has had.  Once you discover the person you like so much is not perfect the cognitive dissonance you feel can be hard to overcome   As cliché as it sounds I say you should never put someone on such high pestadal that you ignore the possiblity of faults because the discovery of them will only lead to disappointment.  I firmly believe and live by this with pastors but  I forget this with others.  


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