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Questioning your emotions Application of Psalm 42.

We are taught to question everything except our emotions. Yet this is vital for our emotional and spiritual health. In James 1:20, the author warns that human anger doesnt bring about God's righteousness.

So if we are to avoid our emotional weakness, we must understand the reason behind our feelings. My mom told me that anger was my habit. She is right partly due to brain wiring and natural frustration. Neurodivergent people can feel frustrated more quickly and take rejection more personally. It is also my way of expressing my newfound assertiveness, especially my dad when he only seems to understand the anger. While these aren't excuses, they make me more vulnerable to reactive behavior. But when I feel in control, I can sense when my emotions rise, especially with my anxiety. I can tell when the fear is irrational.

In Psalm 42, we see something similar. The authors feel angry about their enemies, mocking them for God's apparent absence. They long to worship God and are probably upset they cannot.
Yet, in verses 5 and 11, they question those feelings.

Why, my soul, are you downcast?
Why so disturbed within me?
Put your hope in God,
for I will yet praise him,
my Savior and my God

When emotions sre high, it is9 easy to quench the spirit and lose Godly self-control. We turned off the noise. I felt the emotional discernment return. However, being less emotional takes work. We are not entirely logical all the time. It is to let uncontrollable things trigger us. The psalmists questions their feelings by reminding themselves of God.  Some triggers are unavoidable. So we must remind ourselves like the psalmist of the best reaction and then consistently act on it. Of course, this only comes when we question those feelings like they did and understand them.
Thoughts on the road on Twitter: "We get triggered by mostly by a overwhelming sense of injustice over things we cannot control. Reminders of past hurts and trauma." / Twitter


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Feelings are indicators

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